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Golden Comet's are a commercial and ornamental chicken layer breed which has been recently developed to lay massive amounts of eggs in a single season.


Golden Comet Chickens are an incredibly impressive layer which was developed by cross-breeding the Rhode Island Red Chicken and the White Leghorn Chicken.[1] Due to the genetics of their parent breeds and the selective breeding used to create them, they are considered to be some of the best layer chickens of the modern market and have been recently seeing usage in the commercial egg market. Though they also make decent personal layers and produce large quantities of eggs for farmers.

They typically begin laying as early as 16 weeks old.[2]


Golden Comet Chickens are considered to be extremely calm and docile chickens and are not known to attack humans.[3] Though may become dominant chickens in a pecking order depending on the size and personality of the specific Golden Comet.

They are generally not picky with the size of their nesting boxes as they were developed as a battery hen.


Golden Comet Chickens are mostly yellow with some different shading or color differences, and often appear similar to the golden sex link chicken. Roosters typically have small but prominent tail feathers which do not point very far from their body and sport decently sized crows on their heads. Some variants may also appear with reddish feathers similar to that of a Rhode Island Red.


Golden Comet Chickens were developed as a battery laying chicken by cross-breeding several various common commercial laying chicken breeds. Though they were also originally almost exclusively used in the commercial market, recently they have been sold into the common market as a common hybrid type layer chicken.[4]

Laying and Eggs[]


Golden Comet Chickens typically lay once a day for long periods of time during the laying season, and do not require much to maintain a healthy laying style due to their use as a battery hen. They are fine with a large or small nesting box setup.


Golden Comet Chicken's lay decently sized commercial style brown eggs.

Sex Link Connection[]

Golden Comet Chickens are often mixed up with Golden Sex Links in the commercial market due to their similar feather pallet and laying behaviors. Though Golden Comet's are sex-linked, they are not the typical Gold Sex Link chicken and are rather a separate battery laying breed.




Eggs laid by Golden Comet Chickens commercially.