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The Rhode Island Red chicken is a popular dual-purpose breed of chicken originating from the US state of Rhode Island.


The Rhode Island Red chicken (shortened to just Rhode Islands) are considered to be the famous chicken species in the United States for both laying commercial use and as domestic livestock. They have been commonly depicted in both real life, and in media since their popularity in the early 1900s.

They are decent layers and relatively good broiler birds, though may be kept as domestic pets.


Rhode Island Red's are considered to be one of the most calm and passive child-friendly chicken breeds, though they may peck and scratch if they are threatened.

Rhode Island Red's generally act docile towards other chickens in the pecking order, but larger ones may be hostile to much smaller hens in the order, especially if they are not other road island reds.


Road Island Red Chickens often colors of bright to dark red or reddish brown with no other really defining features. They're feathers appear soft and silky rather than puffy and solid. They often have extremely large crows compared to other chicken species.


The Rhode Island Red Chicken originates from the US State of Rhode Island and was first bred into existence around the 1870s by Nathaniel Borden Aldrich of the Southern Massachusetts Poultry Association under the name "Golden Buffs."

By the time of the 1920s, the Road Island Red Chicken became a staple of poultry owners both domestic and commercial and slowly began one of the most wildly used commercial layers. It eventually became the State bird of Rhode Island due to its history from the US State.


A common Bantam variant exists and carries many of the similar behaviors as Rhode Island Reds.



Rhode Island Red Bantam Hens in a group,